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Lady Lorraine Betton

A native of Niagara Falls, NY, Lady Lorraine Betton is a Confident Woman of God who knows her place in ministry and along with her husband, Bishop Betton, lovingly serves the families of the Cathedral of Praise. Lady Betton has a graceful anointing that ministers to the “whole woman.” She’s skillful in addressing the specific issues that are uniquely related to women and their challenges as Christians. She strives to enhance the growth of women while developing their leadership skills in ministry and service. The Lord has equipped her to impart practical bible knowledge that will impact their everyday lives and move them toward spiritual maturity. 

In addition to being the supportive wife of our Pastor, she still finds time to attend to the people of God, her children and grandchildren. Lady Betton retired in June 2017, after working professionally for 25 years in the Early Childhood Care and Education field.

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